Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Home for More

Written by LRG Intern, Savannah Wafford 

Truilia, Washington Post, This Old House and heaps of other sites have shared ways to get the most bang for your buck when selling your house. A few small home improvements and investments could increase the value of your home and decrease the amount of time it spends on the market. We have paired it down to share the five easiest and most effective things you can do when selling your home. 

1. Paint, paint, paint! 

Giving rooms a fresh coat of a neutral paint can make a world of difference when selling your home. A new paint color makes a room seem bright, clean and makes it easier for buyers to see themselves living in a home. For more on which paint colors have the highest selling homes check out our article here

2. Deep Clean and Declutter 


Before Cleaning/ Decluttering


After Cleaning

Taking a day or two to declutter and deep clean your house can make a huge impact on the look of your house to a potential buyers. While it might be impossible to empty your house while it is on the market, taking the time to clean up and declutter makes it easier for home buyers to invision their own furniture, pictures and decor in the house. 

3. Landscape 

The term "curb appeal" has become a cliche when selling homes, but the first impression a buyer has of a home makes a big difference. Several studies have shown that good landscaping can increase the selling price of your home. Investing some time or money in landscaping your home is an easy way to increase your curb appeal. 

4. Handyman Repairs 

Making sure that all plumbing, electrical work and minor cosmetic repairs are done before listing your home makes sure that your home can be "move in ready" for a buyer. Having a handyman come in and take care of any issues takes stress off of the buyer and increases your home value. 

5. Home Staging 

Home staging is a great solution to creating a welcoming environment for home buyers that may also increase the value of your home. Home staging is an effective, and usually affordable way to make your home more desireable to home buyers. 

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