Earth Day Feature: Ways to be More Eco-Conscious at Home

Written by RJT intern, Remington Colbert

We have a responsiblitly to make a positive impact to those around us. We also have a duty to cherish the Earth since without it, we could not survive. Earth Day 2018 is Sunday, April 22nd. Here are some ideas to help create a positive change.

1. Thermostat

Keeping your home cooler in winter and warmer in summer will not only be less work on your heating air systems, but it will also save you some money long term! On nice days, shut the system off and open the windows! 

2. Recycle

This is the age old way of thinking and doing "green." Recycling is easy and if you live in the city of Louisville, the city offers curbside pick up! Check when your neighborhood route is and what they will take. 

3. Go Online

Most people don't realized how many resources go into producing newspapers, books, magazines, and other paper products. In order to help reduces harmful impacts on the environment, cut newspaper and magazine delivery and start reading subscriptions online. 

4. House Plants

Plants act as natural filters. Confined spaces, such as a sealed home, tend to have stagnat air. House plants can help remove toxins, bacteria, and bad smells from your home. With enough sunlight and water, these filters can last for years.

5. Buy Eco-Friendly Products

Today almost all householod products have an equivalent that is eco-friendly. Cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, cooking supplies, you name it! One of the worst products to buy are dryer sheets; they are packed with toxic chemicals that embed into clothes and then evaporate into the atmosphere. 

6. Reuseable products

Using washable items for work lunches, coffee shop coffee runs, bags for the grocery store, etc. Not only does this cut down on the product and waste of resources, it can also save you money long term. You buy something once, and keep reusing. 

These are just a few of the many many many ideas out on the market. Check out other blogs and creative forums to find ideas that might work for you! 

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