Downtown Living

Written by RJT intern Remington Colbert

Urban centers are growing and Louisville is no exception. People are moving into the area causing neighborhoods that weren't residential areas slowly turn into mix use areas. In Louisville, downtown and Nulu are perfect examples. The convenience of living above a workplace, neighborhood market, or staple shops and restaurants have become an appealing aspect of individuals moving into urban centers. In old cities, many old buildings are revitalized and turned into truely unique opportunities for all kinds of use. We have a listing at 415 E Market St. Close to shops, restaurants, the best entertainment venues in the city, and many public events throughout the year, this loft is perfect for the true urbanite. 

The building was renovated in 2013, making the units inside new, with a harmonious blend of the building's historic roots.

 In time, it will be more and more common for people to be moving back into the city from the suburbs. With that happening, properties like this one will emerge, and a ton of new construction building up. Skylines of cities will constantly be adapting and changing. Less commute times, easier access to amenities, shopping, and entertainment will make individuals more condensed. Urban planners, developers, designers, builders, and government officials are going to have to tackle the issues associated with increased urban living, however the benefits long term will out weight the short term costs and inconviences. If you're interested in moving downtown, or want to start doing some property research, contact us for more information! And check out our lisitng at 415 E Market Street. 

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