Celebrate America

Written by RJT employee, Remington Colbert

The Fourth of July is one of the favorited times of the year with in the United States. It is the celebration of our country, our diversity, and our culture. This is the time we grill out, take vacations, watch fireworks, spend time with friends and family, and just relish in the enjoyment of the season. 

I always remeber spending the 4th at Kentucky Lake in western Kentucky. We would typically drive down on a Thursday night, eat dinner as soon as we got there, and just hang out. The rest of the weekend was a jam packed weekend or boating, eating, hiking, eating, laying out, eating, seeing family who I hadn't seen since the previous 4th, and more eating. Oh yeah, you can not forget the beer. What  a carefree time.

Things have changed; not only for me, but for many Americans, we are in a transition. With our country changing day-to-day many Americans hold a sense of hesitation, as if they are trying to walk on ice. Others have a sense of hope and forseeable opportunity. Our country has become very divided in recent decades. Many Americans do not see this as a time of celebration, and we can all be likely blamed to an extent on how they feel. However, whatever negative feeling that exsists can be undone, but it takes all of us. This country was built on core principles where every American is equal, has the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If we truly value the words that our founders set forth, we must take the actions needed to embodied the most valued pen to paper document in our modern era. 

This holiday is more than just another summer celebration with the ones we love; it is a celebration of what we love and what we value. If we are to envision a country where we cherish our freedoms, our liberty, and our independence, we must make all Americans, from all walks of life, feel proud and respected of this country we call home. President John F. Kennedy stated "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Those humble words mumbled half-a-century ago reincarnates a thought of how we must go forth in the world around us. This is the moment in history where we show the world our values. This is the time of the year where we should always feel unified. This is the time of the year where we must show humility for where we are and what we have. This is the time we celebrate America. This is the time we celebrate her triumphs, her downfalls, her beacons, her fears, but most importantly her love. "For the People, by the People" that is America. That is what Independence Day is about. 

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