Tap Into Your Christmas Spirit This December!

Tap Into Your Christmas Spirit This December!

It’s Christmas time, one of the most beautiful and fun holidays of the year! Christmas means family, presents, hot chocolate, snowmen, and many fun activities!! Louisville offers a long list of Christmas activities and events for the month of December. Make sure you don’t miss out the most interesting ones! Here are some popular events:

Did You Know? Pineapple History

Written by RJT employee, Remington Colbert

Pineapples have been a staple of American hospitality since the original colonies. The South has taken it to a higher level, with pineapples found in home decor, architectural elements, and a multitude of dishes. But did you know about how that symbolism came about? 

Americans love a good folklore story. The love of oral tradition has been woven into the fabric of our country since the dawn of time. Native Americans told centuries old stories that explain the marvel of the natural world across the country. The origins of pineapple symbolism is a more modern story that shows the origins of this country.

The Tradition:

When pineapples were first brought to Europe during the time of Columbus, they were incredibly rare, highly coveted, and incredibly expensive. It took nearly two centuries to perfect a hot house that could grow the tropical pineapple plant in Europe. However, the fruit that did not spoil on the long journey became a huge hit with nobility. In the original colonies, society women of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia would rent pineapples from confectionaries to display on dinner tables as a staus symbol and as a welcome symbol. This is where the symbolism of hospitality first originated. As farming and transportation industries developed, the ability to access these fruits became easier. In time, pineapple elements were seen in fabrics, art, and architecture, and the fruits were found in working-class kitchens across the country. We still see these elements in many places around the country. Charleston, South Carolina has an iconic pineapple fountain on the bay to welcome people to the community. 

The Legend:

The sea captains of New England historically traded among the Caribbean Islands. After returning with cargos of spices, rum, and a selection of fruits,  including pineapples, captains would drop anchor in the harbor and see to their cargo and crew. After...

Celebrate America

Written by RJT employee, Remington Colbert

The Fourth of July is one of the favorited times of the year with in the United States. It is the celebration of our country, our diversity, and our culture. This is the time we grill out, take vacations, watch fireworks, spend time with friends and family, and just relish in the enjoyment of the season. 

I always remeber spending the 4th at Kentucky Lake in western Kentucky. We would typically drive down on a Thursday night, eat dinner as soon as we got there, and just hang out. The rest of the weekend was a jam packed weekend or boating, eating, hiking, eating, laying out, eating, seeing family who I hadn't seen since the previous 4th, and more eating. Oh yeah, you can not forget the beer. What  a carefree time.

Things have changed; not only for me, but for many Americans, we are in a transition. With our country changing day-to-day many Americans hold a sense of hesitation, as if they are trying to walk on ice. Others have a sense of hope and forseeable opportunity. Our country has become very divided in recent decades. Many Americans do not see this as a time of celebration, and we can all be likely blamed to an extent on how they feel. However, whatever negative feeling that exsists can be undone, but it takes all of us. This country was built on core principles where every American is equal, has the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If we truly value the words that our founders set forth, we must take the actions needed to embodied the most valued pen to paper document in our modern era. 

This holiday is more than just another summer celebration with the ones we love; it is a celebration of what we love and what we value. If we are to envision a country where we cherish our freedoms, our liberty, and our independence, we must make all...

Derby Fashion Show

Written by RJT intern, Remington Colbert

Wow what a fun event. The Women's Council of Realtors of Greater Louisville through their annual Derby Fashion Show at Churchill Downs. The Council aims to support and advance women in the real estate world. The annual fashion show is a networking lunchoen aimed to have fun and support all the women realtors in the Louisville area. Some of our agents had a ball! Check out the pictures from the show! 


Earth Day Feature: Ways to be More Eco-Conscious at Home

Written by RJT intern, Remington Colbert

We have a responsiblitly to make a positive impact to those around us. We also have a duty to cherish the Earth since without it, we could not survive. Earth Day 2018 is Sunday, April 22nd. Here are some ideas to help create a positive change.

1. Thermostat


Congratulations Carol!

WOW! Congratulations Carol! Carol won the SMC 2017  Personal Achievement Award for New Construction Sales Volume! She did a whopping $9.8 million! Carol's hard work, fun personality, and drive for success got her this award! She wants to thank all of her loyal clients, builders, and everyone who made this past year a success! The Sales & Marketing Council (SMC) Awards are put on by the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville.