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Spring has Sprung...Inside

Written by RJT Intern, Remington Colbert

Spring is just around the corner! Longer days, warmer mornings, and the singing birds throughout the day indicate no more bone chilling coldness. Getting antsy for the weather to warm up quickly is very common. No one wants to be in the cold for to long, its unbearable. However, some years winter just doesn't want to break quickly. Bringing the springtime outdoors in can be a challenge, especially with the ever changing weather, allergies, and bugs. YUCK. However, it is way easier than one might think. Here are a few tips to bring the outdoors in this spring!

Fresh Cut Flowers

When anyone thinks of spring the first thing that is thought of is flowers. Flowers add a beautiful natural element to any space. They add a pop of color, an enchanting aroma, and a feeling of joy. And with the ability to grow any plant at any time, your favorite flowers can be found year round at most florists!

Colorful Pots

No matter how bland the house plants are around the house, colorful pots make a fun visual impact, even if the plant doesn't bloom. Plants need re-potted from time to time, why not do something playful? Pots can be matched to the room decor or to whatever holiday or season that is approaching! These are most fun in sun rooms or kitchens full of herbs!

Fresh Herbs

Speaking of herbs, herbs make great spring time accessories; plus they taste good! Herbs, like any plant, help filter the air in the home, add that natural element, and give off pleasant smells. If they are in your kitchen, it makes cooking more fresh and easy!


2018 Home Musts!

Written By LRG Marketing Intern Remington Colbert

Home trends change year to year, decade to decade. Here are few of the predicted 2018 home trends according to the lovely editors from Country Living Magazine. 

2018 has some big trend changes that may shock some, it may excite some, but it will definitely leave one in awe. 

1. Jewel Colors

The past few years have seen light and bright colors around the home. The monocramatic themes of home design are starting to slide by. Instead, bold, rich, sexy colors will likely appear more and more in furniture, paint choices, fabrics, and more. 

2. Heavy Cabinetry

Recently, there has been a push for less cabinets and more shelving in kitchens. Let's be honest, when things are put away and out of sight, there is peace of mind and a clean look. Heavy cabinetry is back, but with a new twist. Instead of doing traditional white, black, or wood tones, new colors are emrging. Grey, blue, and green are becoming commonplace. 


3. Brass

Yes, Brass is back! However, it's not in those candlesticks or 1980's light fixtures. It's being used in hardware accents in tables, cabinetry, drawer pulls, etc. 

4. Wabi - Sabi

What? Wabi - sabi is the...

Creative Christmas Storage Ideas

Written by RJT Intern, Remington Colbert

The holidays are a time of relaxation, laughter, good eating, and family endeavors. After they end, a new nightmare begins; how in the mistletoe did I have my decorations organized?!?!  To create a wrap on the end of the holiday cleanup, try some of these creative ways for quick organization and space saving!

Storage of wrapping paper

For space saving and easy searching try a wall mounted plastic bag dispenser for all year use. For the once a year paper, like holiday paper, a clear garment bag will keep the paper high and dry, organized, and out of the way. 

Storage of Strand Lights

There is nothing more frustrating then having strand lights tangled. Then once they are untangled, the broken and missing blubs only add to the decorating headache. To prevent this, and save space from the scary bin of lights, try wrapping lights on pieces of cardboard or thick poster board. This keeps everything nice and tidy. Filling the cardboard in a bin or other storage device keeps them easy to retrieve for the next holiday. 

For Wreath Storage

Stacking wreaths only smashes them into an unsighly mess that looks like the extra lawn clippings left out by the curb. The best way to store wreaths is to hang them in a wreath bag. If there is ample amount of storage, an...

Best New Home Trends 2017

Written by LRG intern, Savannah Wafford 

Have you been to the Buliding Industry Association of Louisville’s Homearama 2017 yet? If you have been or not, you can catch up on the kitchen and bathroom trends here! If you’re looking to incorporate Homearama trends into your home or buy a new home here is some inspiration from our homes in Rock Springs and Saratoga Springs: 


This trend is both practical and stylish! Mudrooms add character to your home and keep your space a little cleaner: 

5304 Pebble Creek | Rock Springs 

5304 Rock Ridge Dr. | Rock Springs 


2017's Best Kitchen Trends

Written by RJT Intern, Savannah Wafford

Have you been to the Buliding Industry Association of Louisville’s Homearama 2017 yet? If you have been or not, you can catch up on the kitchen and bathroom trends here! If you’re looking to incorporate these trends into your home or buy a new home here is some inspiration from the kitchens in our homes in Rock Springs and Saratoga Springs:

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are popping up everywhere to brighten up counter tops and kitchen islands. Choosing unique pendant lights is an inexpensive and easy way to change the look of kitchen.

The industrial pendant lights hanging above the dining table and kitchen island give this kitchen a cohesive and modern feel.

4700 Saddle Bend Way | Saratoga Springs

Even though the look of these lights are different, the metal and glass work well together to give the space a modern and industrial look.

5424 River Rock Dr. | Rock Springs


2017's Best Bathroom Trends

Have you been to the Buliding Industry Association of Louisville's  Homearama 2017 yet? If you have been or not, you can catch up on the kitchen and bathroom trends here! If you're looking to incorporate these trends into your home or buy a new home here is some inspiration from our homes in Rock Springs and Saratoga Springs:

 Soaking Tubs:

This trend has been popping up in houses everywhere and is featured in several Homearama homes. 

5305 Rock Ridge Drive , Rock Springs

5304 Rock Ridge Drive, ...

Looking to sell your home? Paint it this color!

Written by LRG intern, Savannah Wafford 

Feeling blue? Thats okay! That is if you are painting your home. 

It seems that color can make a big impact on how much your home can sell for. A new report from Zillow found that homes painted in blue and gray tones could sell faster and for more. Zillow found that homes painted in these tones could sell for up to $5,440 more. The report looked at photos from over 32,000 homes sold around the country to see how paint colors affected the selling price. The report found that living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms that featured hues of blue and gray added value to homes.

On the other hand, there are colors that you should steer clear from when selling your home. Homes with darker walls and colors like terracotta were selling for up to $2,000 less than expected. The biggest turn off for home buyers? No color at all. Homes with white and off-white bathrooms sold for over $4,000 less on average than similar homes.

So if you are planning on selling your home soon, a quick coat of paint could make all the difference! Looking for inspiration? Check out the photos below.

This custom, new construction in Rock Springs added tones of...

2017's Hottest Kitchen Trends

Written by LRG Intern, Alex Ginter

“In most homes the kitchen wears many hats—it’s the center of the family team huddle, the place for bantering with friends, the computer room for paying the bills, an entertainment center, a children’s art museum and let’s not forget its original purpose—a place to enjoy good food with family and friends.”

The household kitchen was originally designed for preparing and cooking meals. However, over the past few decades, the kitchen has slowly morphed into the epicenter of the home, according to Firenza Stone. We can all agree that the kitchen is the heart of every home, so why shouldn’t yours have its own style? Here are a few kitchen fads that you’ll see in every home in 2017.





Tuxedo Cabinets

This contrasting color scheme between the floor cabinets and upper wall cabinets aren’t all that new, but are becoming very popular. One King’s Lane claims this monochromatic color-blocking, timeless style and universal appeal brings elegance and simplicity to your kitchen.

Gray is the New White...